Campaigning to end precarious work

  • Inequality in Ireland and around the world has reached unprecedented levels. Corporate profits in Ireland doubled from €75 billion in 2011 to €150 billion in 2015, while the personal wealth of the richest 300 people doubled from €50 billion in 2010 to over €100 billion now. Meanwhile, stagnating wages, the spread of precarious conditions and a housing crisis mean workers are struggling to get by.
  • Every worker deserves to have a decent wage and stability in their work. Low paid and precarious jobs are disproportionately held by young people, women and immigrants. The fight against precarity is also a struggle for equality, which will act to improve conditions facing all workers.
  • If we get organised, we can win. Protest action by Deliveroo and McDonald’s workers in Britain shows how precarious workers can take successful collective action.The successful struggle in many parts of the US for a $15 an hour minimum wage shows that workers can win. These struggles had overwhelming support because people don’t want to see a future based on exploitation and precarity.
  • Our goal is to empower precarious workers. That means building a campaign to highlight and expose the reality of precarious working conditions, as well as working to organise precarious workers into trade unions and to transform the trade union movement into a democratic and campaigning movement controlled by its members.
  • Generation Precarious was initiated by Solidarity. Workers organising from below is key to challenge the domination of the economic and political system by the 1%. We struggle for a democratic socialist society based on public ownership and democratic control of the key sectors of the economy. This could ensure that the economy is organised for people’s needs, ensuring stability and decent living standards for workers, instead of low pay and precarity to maximise the profits of corporations.